Shiatsu for patients suffering from chronic pain

A guest blog from Mihael Mamychshvili

I started working 2 months ago with Patient who has been in pain for 10 years. She had a head Injury which changed her life completely on all levels. She went into a deep depression, was suicidal and developed neuropathy in legs that caused her to feel like they were burning everyday. Her mother took her everywhere and they tried many treatments and therapies. She lives in Isolation with a cat as her only friend, since all her friends left her because of her state.

When she first came to me she would not allow me to even get close to her legs. For about 10 treatments I worked on the rest of her body except the legs. But what I really concentrated on was understanding her suffering, discovering who she is inside this pain body, and helping her change her perspective.

The changes were noticing immediately by her mother who was really grateful. She started to laugh and express her wit and sense of humour. She started to look differently, walk differently.

Today I was treating her and has she was laughing and relaxing I was working on her painful,burning neuropathy in her legs and she had no pain at all. I said “ do you realize I’m working on your legs and you have no Pain?“ Her smiling: “ I know, I guess they trust You“ I was so happy 🙂 and told her this made my week. We both were happy in that moment 🙂 Feeling humbled in the beauty and breakthrough that happens in the deep connection.

We all want to be seen and understood those are existential needs that we all share. Most our pain comes from those needs not being met.


About the autor

Mihael is Co-owner of Angel Hands, Integrative Centre in Vancouver, Canada. He is a Master Shiatsu therapist who focuses on reconnecting the communication between the mind and body. Since becoming a Shiatsu Therapist in 2001, he  has helped clients change and transform through his treatments which look at the complete person. As an experienced therapist with more than a decade of treating thousands of clients with success,  Mihael is recognized by alternative as well as conventional health agencies like VGH Cardiac Rehab Centre, Diabetes Association and The Cancer Society where he is often asked to be a keynote speaker or educator. He has become well known for treating “tough cases” and extremely effective at chronic pain, frozen shoulder, digestive issues and more.